Link on docs page returns 404

Doc page here Notifications - Expo Documentation has link github dot com/expo/fyi/blob/master/LegacyNotifications-to-ExpoNotifications.mdx at the top, but this returns a 404.

Cant edit page, could someone fix please?

UPDATE: Post flagged, not sure why. Editing as per instruction to keep post alive. Please advise if this is incorrect and why. TY in adv.

Hey @askariblue,

Thanks for reporting this, and you are right the link is broken. A fix is underway and the doc will be updated shortly.

If you are looking for the right link, please have a look here: fyi/ at master · expo/fyi · GitHub

The post seems fine to me. Not sure what happened with the flag part. Maybe it got flagged because of the “topic” it is posted in and that “topic” might expect some relevant info from the template. Will have a look.

Thanks that link looks correct. It doesnt fix my issue, but now I know. Many thanks.

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