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Hi guys,

I’m still learning react and react-native but I wanted to share with you my first app I’ve done:

Available here ==> Expo store or Google store

This is a very basic app, a kind of showroom where my friend can show his works. You can swipe between screens, double tap on wall of image to zoom or making the contact with him easier.

Next feature, will be to add push notification, and why not a like system…and more and more :wink:

I should deployed the iOS version today or tomorrow…Unfortunately my macBook has exploded few month ago (and no refund from Apple…so now, I need to wait for seeing my friend but the ipa has been compiled with success :grinning:

I’m gonna be happy to read your feedback on it :hugs:

Thanks :wink:

This is cool! Thanks for sharing. It’s fun to play with. I have a little bit of feedback:

  • Why is the wall of images double tap instead of single tap?
  • You should consider adding a <StatusBar /> component to lighten the system status bar. Right now on iOS we see a black status bar against a near-black background. :slight_smile:
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Thanks for your feedback.

  1. This is good question, maybe because I have old reflex from web, some friend told me it should be better to have a single tap…I will probably update it in this way :wink:

  2. Thanks for the IOS but I have no iPhone, and as I mentioned my macbook has exploded, but thanks for the tips I will try on iphone’s friend and fix this point too.

I’m fixing few details, implementing i18n and I will make a new update :wink: