Launcher Icon counter

How we can add a counter in the App Launcher Icon?


I have not found any info about this in any place.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @trivumx,

We do not currently offer this functionality right now. Badge count is only available on iOS.


thanks, could you share me the doc for this functionality?

thanks in advance

is this one, right?

For users on Android Oreo and above, users will get a badge icon automatically, and it will match the number of notifications currently in the tray. You may want to consider some kind of behavior where your app dismisses open notifications automatically when you enter the app to keep this number clearing out as messages are read. I outlined how we handle it previously: How to handle push notifications in both client end and server end?

not sure if that works @llamaluvr, i’m testing in Oreo (Android 8) and no badge appears.

Sorry, I just remembered that stock Android actually just shows a dot when there’s one or more notifications. Specific vendors (like Samsung) may change that to numbers. My Galaxy S8 running 8.0 is showing a “2” right now next to my app icon with two notifications in the tray.

Here’s the Android documentation on the feature: What you see may vary based on device/ app settings and OEM.

thank you.

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