launch time is long only on iphone11 pro, expo SDK35, iOS13.3.1, expo kit.


I am about to deploy my app to app store.
I have tested the app on multiple iOS devices.
On most of them, splash screen disappears within 3 seconds, then the app launches.
But on iphone11 pro, it takes more than 10 seconds before splash screen disappear.

I want to make app’s launch time shorter on all devices.
thank you.


Does it do this on multiple iphone11 pro devices? Or just one in particular?

Are you perhaps able to route the traffic from the phone(s) with the problem through a machine running Wireshark or some other packet sniffer to see if a certain network request is taking a long time? This might also be done with port mirroring on a switch instead of routing traffic through the sniffer if you have a switch that supports port mirroring.


I’m very sorry for the late reply.

I tried to use charles as a proxy tool for iphone 11 pro, but iphone 11 pro keeps preventing me from saving manual proxy’s address and port number on network settings. This is weird because I could save network settings on other ios devices.

After I have disabled OTA on EXshell.plist, launch time on iphone 11 pro is now as short as on other devices.

thank you for nice advice!!

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