Launch app through USB cable instead of Wifi


I was wondering if there’s a way to simply launch the app through USB cable (localhost) instead of relying on the wifi connection and having to be on the same wifi both on the development machine and the device.
I know this can easily be done in an Expo app (not ejected) by pressing the “localhost” button in the left panel, is there an equivalent for ejected apps ?

Thank you

When developing with Expokit, you’re running it through the respective IDE (so Xcode or Android Studio) and I’m fairly certain both allow you to connect to a device through USB

React Native actually has a guide for this

Good luck!


I’ve successfully launched the app through Android Studio but it still relies on my wifi connection. My phone can’t be offline even though i just want to launch the app through USB. Running adb -s <device name> reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081 as suggested in the guide doesn’t do it.
Thank you!