Latest Android app update crashes with redux-offline

Hey guys,
I recently upgraded the Android app to version 2.0 and I couldn’t use the app with redux-offline anymore.
It caused my app to crash unexpectedly without leaving any stack trace.
So I found an apk of the last expo version before 2.0, installed it, tryed again and everything is back to normal!
I think there’s an issue with 2.0 and redux-offline…
Hope this can help.

This is actually very problematic because even though I can work on the app with the old Expo version, when I build the app and install the apk on my phone, the app crashes.
The app does not crash on iOS though.
I really need a fix for this as it blocks me from publishing the app.

Hi @clementino36, 2.0 came with support for SDK23 and a new version of JavascriptCore. I have 2 hypothesis:

  1. redux-offline may not be compatible.
    2, there is no support for Locale related functions on Date and such calls are known to cause crashes.

I actually called Date in the function that crashed the app so I tried to remove it but it didn’t change anything.
I opened an issue here where I provided the relevant code and adb logs if you would have a look…
Thanks for your answer!

Edit: in the end you were right, the Date object was making the app crash. I ended up using momentjs instead!