keychain entitlements changed between expo-classic and eas

In the past days, we updated our app to use eas builds instead of expo-classic.

One issue that we recently noticed is that the keychain entitlements has changed from TEAM_ID.* in expo-classic to TEAM_ID.reverse.domain.notation. Because of this our users have lost all of their data.

Could this be something that changed between expo-classic and eas?
If yes, where is this configured?
Another question to save us from this mess,

  1. What happens if we have both keychain entries (for each entitlements), which one is given priority and accessed first?
  2. if we do add both entitlements in the future build (TEAM_ID.* and TEAM_ID.reverse.domain.notation) which one is given priority (the first one in the list, specificity) ?