Keychain Access Group for managed expo app

On iOS, add the keychain group to your app’s entitlement in XCode under Project settings > Capabilities > Keychain sharing

I am working on a managed app. I cannot open the app in XCode. Is there another way to add a Keychain Access Group so I can use the MSAL library for Azure AD authentication? Or do I have/need to eject the project?


For anyone else who may come across this question -

Turns out react-native-msal requires ejecting the expo app due to specific iOS/Android config. That said expo has it’s own way to authenticate against Azure and several other providers.

Hi @achoudhary11

This information is out of date. Since the introduction of EAS Build and config plugins it is not necessary to eject to use dependencies like react-native-msal. For many of them you would need to write a config plugin, though, but in the case of react-native-msal, they have already written the config plugin.

All you should need to do is follow the instructions here. Just follow them carefully. Where it says:

  1. Complete step 1 of the Android and iOS setup guides.

make sure you only follow step 1. The other steps should be taken care of automatically by the config plugin.

and then build with EAS Build.

You will not be able to use it in the Expo Go app, but you can build a dev client which is pretty much a custom version of the Expo Go app.