KeyboardAvoidingView not working on compiled app?


I’m building a chat,

When i test with my android emulator and in my Samsung S9+ KeyboardAvoidingView works flawlessly

As soon as i build the standalone apk, the keyboard covers the whole chat it wont pull the messages up.

using expo sdk 29

What could be happening?

made a post in stack overflow with all the code

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We are experiencing the same issue.
Testing the app in expo on the simulator or on a device, Android and iOS resizes the view as expected, but on the standalone app built on expo the view doesn’t resize when opening the keyboard for Android.

We tested an apk built with expo on the 17th of July where the resize of views works in the standalone build. Rebuilding with the same codebase (from the 17th of July) and the current expo build process breaks the resizing of views.

We suspect that the problem originates from the windowSoftInputMode that might not be set correctly to adjustResize in the AndroidManifest.xml during the expo build or somehow has no effect.

Expo sdk version: 28 / 29
Platform: Android

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Same Issue with me…
everthing is fine in EXPO, but after build the keyboard covering the input text appear

I’m using
expo sdk version 25.0.0

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I found temporary solution for this bug
on github

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