Keyboard malfunctioning on some Samsung devices

Please provide the following:
SDK Version: 40.0.0
Platforms: Android

Hey guys.
I am having a problem with my application.

I have a QRCode scanner, and when you scan the code, a modal is displayed. This modal has a numeric input and confirm and cancel buttons.

Everything works perfectly, except for some Samsung devices (For example the S9), it’s like there’s something invisible on the screen and it doesn’t let me press the buttons or focus the input. Sometimes it works, but it fails a lot.

I tried to put some LOGs on these buttons to check the action, and effectively when it is on these bad Samsung devices, the action is not performed, so I’m really not “managing to press the button”.

I did not take prints because the project is internal, but I believe that with my explanation it is possible to have some idea … Otherwise I will try to generate some kind of media.

Thanks in advance.

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