Jest-haste-map: Watchman crawl failed

Hi all, I’m running Mac OS X, version 10.9.5, and I’ve been experiencing an issue running Expo. I create a new project, and try to open it with the default settings and it fails every time.

The error message is as follows:

jest-haste-map: Watchman crawl failed. Retrying once with node crawler.
Usually this happens when watchman isn’t running. Create an empty .watchmanconfig file in your project’s root folder or initialize a git or hg repository in your project.
Error: Watchman error: The watchman connection was closed. Make sure watchman is running for this project. See

I’ve already tried creating a .watchmanconfig file, and initializing a git repo. I’ve taken a look at the troubleshooting docs, but there isn’t really anything that seems relevant; although, I’ve been staring at them so long that I might be missing things.

If anyone is familiar with this issue or has a way to solve it, let me know. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Hi I would love to help, which tool are you using to create an Expo project?

  • command line exp?
  • desktop application called XDE?

Look forward to following up!

do you have an old version of watchman installed possibly on your computer?
you might have installed this with brew if you were using react native outside of expo before.
you might try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

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