java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException android.text.TextLine.measure In app deployed in google play

Does anyone know what this error means? im using expo managed workflow in my project. and it seems like this error comes from native ( java ) but i cant reproduce the error because its only happens once out of 1.8k installs in googleplay store. so idk what to do to fix this

You should at least post the stack trace here.

From you message on another thread:

I don’t know what causes this IndexOutOfBoundsException, but does your app involve some sort of where you can enter an e-mail address? Is this a Xiaomi device? If I search for “EmailAddPopupWindow” I find a few mentions of Xiaomi devices crashing when editing e-mail addresses.

Although the question here doesn’t say that they are using React Native, there’s an answer that shows a possible workaround using caretHidden:

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yes sir, there is email and password input for login. its just input text component. and yes its in xiaomi redmi device. i also notice that on the crash report theres detail of ram

RAM (total memory) 2,816 MB (2,772 MB)

i know its not related to expo. i just wanna ask maybe you have an experience in google playstore. is (2,772 MB) is total memory means the amount of ram the user use in the device? means that it left me about more or less than 100mb it use when using my app. then it causes crashes?

PS : i got the info not in the stack trace but in the device detail.

Your crash is not about low RAM. Your crash is similar to doing something like:

x = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4];
x[99]; // <-- There is no index 99. It is out of bounds

But exactly what is causing the out of bounds index access, I don’t know. It seems like it is specific to Xiaomi devices. I’d try to caretHidden thing to see if it works around the problem. Otherwise do some more searching for possible workarounds by searching for things from the error.

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