It is posibble to use expo publish without doing OTA UPDATE?

SDK 38, Versión Android OTA Updates
Hi! Is it posible to upload a version for test on friends devices with expo publish but without doing an OTA UPDATE?

So for example lets say I pusblished an APP with this in app.json “expo”: {

"name": "APP",

"slug": "APP" }

If i change the slug or the name , and i run expo publish this will update the app published or not?
In other way to ask, wich is the parameter the app takes to do an ota update? THe slug? THe name? ANy other?

you should check this out. This is the way ( I think ) you should do it:


I have done it but i dont understand how i can it to a friend to test because i only have one link, i dont have another project with another link under project list…

Or i must assume that the published version is always the last one?

If this is this way i must find another way, suppose i want to try 2 different things. WIth two test versions…

If i change the slug name, or the app name, the original users will receive the update?

Hey @alexis1987, I would recommend thoroughly reading our documentation regarding publishing/OTA updates. Publishing updates - Expo Documentation


Thanks. I readed it and also advanced release channels, but i dont find what im asking it is not specified there. Maybe it is not specified because that concept is more general and im not taking it, so i wanna know if an app and an OTA update is tied to the slug/url or to something else .

So i make a first app with slug:“production v1 app”.
Then i make changes in my app i wanna test, and i change the slug to :“test v2 app”. When i publish it publish to a different URL so can i be sure that changing the slug (making a diferent proyect) will be outside of “Production app” OTA updates or there is another parameter that an OTA UPDATE is hooked beside the slug/url.

I researched on release channels, but while i wanna do test very different functions on different smarthphones of friends etc, release channels get a lot of confusing and it is easier for me to have different project published (no one of them i wanna do OTA update for production app"

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