it does not publish my app OTA

When I click on publish, it is showing me “Optimizing Assets” and never finish the update or publishment, I use expo publish from command line too and it doest not work.


please need to update my app, it was working well 3 weeks ago.

When you do this from the browser, is there any error message in the terminal where you are running expo start?

When you run expo publish do you have expo start running in another terminal at the same time or not? It should work either way, but maybe try the other way just in case and check for errors in the other terminal if applicable.

There is no error netiher in terminal or in the browser, it just expo start well, I can run the project locally, but can’t publish, it appears the message ‘Optimizing Assets’

And when I do expo publish, there is no other terminal opened, I just run the command, and it gives me an error ERRCONNECT as in the images I’ve attached.

What happens if you manually run expo optimize in your project?

What happens if you run expo start in one terminal and expo publish in another terminal at the same time?

try opening dev tools->console on chrome to see if you have more info.

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What’s this

Can someone please help me why I can’t publish?

Try upgrading to expo-cli 3.2.3.

Now it is working, I use expo publish in another terminal while it is opened in the browser.