Issues with Fonts in Standalone App

I have an app on Expo 29, and I have loaded some fonts using the Font.loadAsync approach from the Expo documentation. This is working fine when I develop the app and if I publish the app and open it through the Expo Client the fonts load correctly.

However, if I build a standalone apk and install directly on an Android phone, the fonts do not load and my text just renders in the default font.

Any help with this?

Also, separately, I’m having issues using Roboto fonts in Android. I cannot use variations on this font like Roboto-light or Roboto-thin. I have to download the font .ttf files separately and include them in the project and load them, but these should be system fonts on Android. I haven’t been able to find any similar issues related to this.

@bonham000 Hey, would you tell how you loaded those custom fonts, did you do this…

  1. Create a new .js file, name it fonts
  2. const fonts= { RbThin: "pathToRobotoThinFont"}
  3. Imported through app.js
  4. Build and install again.
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I have a very similar issue atm.

I have a detached project that was detached at SDK 27, I recently updated to SDK 29. Running locally I have no problems. However, when making a production build, Android doesn’t have any fonts loading.

I am also loading fonts during the splash screen using AppLoading

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