Issues with expo in window SO


Hope you’re doing well!
Yesterday I was working well with expo and today I try to update to last version and I get error attached capture. And I try also to create a new project with expo and I get the same error.
In the project I was developing that yesterday I ran “expo start” today and nothing does not open the local expo server and the terminal says “that command is not recognized”. It’s really strange everything I don’t know what happen :s

Do you know what could be?

My computer it’s using windows 7

Hope you can help!


Hey @pixsolution,

This is a permissions issue on your OS. Take a look at this SO post:

Remember googling your error is something you’ll want to put into practice. It can often save you time instead of having to wait for someone.


Thanks for your reply! I’ll try that! regards!

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Sounds good! Let us know if you encounter any more trouble.

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