Issues with Expo in MAC

Hello everyone! hope you’re doing well! I have an error that is breaking my head! I’ve been looking in Google but I can not solve it… I am developing on MAC and everything was fine and right today I execute the expo-start command and display this message "Could not get status from Metro bundler. connect ECONNREFUSED
Connecting to Metro bundler failed.
Set EXPO_DEBUG = true in your env to view the stack trace. " attached screenshot. Why does that happen?30

I appreciate your help

Hey @pixsolution!

Could you try running expo start -c to clear the React Native packager cache, and let me know if that clears this up :slight_smile:

Typically when you encounter ECONN errors pointing to 127.0.0 you should try running rm -rf .expo to clear the local cache.

Hi @charliecruzan and @adamjnav I did both thing and the same problem remains attached capture

the strange thing is that when creating a new project with expo if it runs well (blank project) but then when I paste my code and try to run goes back to the same, but I still think it is something of the operating system, because I tried on a computer with windows 7 and it gave another error with the code, but in my mac gives me these errors that I do not understand, I attach details of my operating system

I don’t know if it is something of my code but I doubt it, and of package I am only using firebase then my code in a zip (it is small / little what I have done):

I appreciate your help

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