Issues while migrating from react-native-unimodules to Expo --> Library not found for -lFolly

I am trying to migrate from react-native-unimodules to Expo and followed this guide for migration. After completing the process successfully and ran the project from Xcode, I am facing following error,

If we look at the error we can understand that issue is because of some missing library and not with any specific code. So I am unable to share any specific code.

But I can surely say one thing that, I am facing all these errors after running npm install expo and expo upgrade 43(For migrating from react-native-unimodules to Expo).

It is still not working. When can we expect a fix?

Hey @david5638,

If you are experiencing this, can you please confirm that you are following this guide: fyi/ at main · expo/fyi · GitHub?

It has been updated since the original post was opened.

In my current React-Native project, there was a reference of old React-Native project which uses Folly. This was the reason for the error. This error disappeared when I removed that old project.