Issues after ejecting build, Facebook API, hardware keyboard, etc

Yesterday I ejected from CRNA -> ExpoKit, and have been having a ton of issues ever since. Some of them have been resolved, but some are still causing me problems that I can’t seem to pinpoint. Android build seems to be working okay after many hours tinkering with the gradle files, but iOS is still causing me grief, specifically in one area - Social logins. Both Google and Facebook work on android, but neither work on iOS. Google login gives me a nice little error message in xcode, stating “Exception 'Your app is missing support for the following URL schemes”, which is fine, I can deal with that. Facebook on the other hand, gives me this:

libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

I have no idea whats happening here. Xcode also points to a once called once.h, lined in red on line 84, message to teh right saying ‘Thread 1: signal SIGABRT’ I do have FacebookAppId, Scheme, and DisplayName in the app.json file. I did upgrade from SDK 21 to 23 and did all the necessary steps posted to do so, including updating all the files listed with the correct version numbers and pods installs. I also noticed I get a blank screen in the app until the app loads, but on android I get an expo logo and the JS bundle loading percentage at the bottom.

One other issue on iOS, in simulator, my hardware keyboard doesnt work, I tried toggling it, but nothing. WOrks fine if it’s in the expo app itself, but the standalone app, nothing. Any ideas?

Update: adding this code block to my Info.plist was necessary, was able to find an old form post that pointed there, here it is again for anyone that comes across the same problem:


Anyone know why the hardware keyboard doesn’t work? Will continue digging for a solution.

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You might just try resetting the simulator. Not sure what else might be causing an issue with the keyboard in simulator.