Issue with Express cookie / session since SDK 29

The app I’m building uses Expo on the frontend for iOS only, and Express / Node on the backend.

Everything has been working fine through SDK 28, but when I upgraded to SDK 29 (and then again when I tried SDK 30) it looks like the session tokens are not being stored by the frontend anymore. Therefore, when I use fetch to reach a backend endpoint, the user token is not present on the request and the functionality that relies on the user token fails to execute properly and doesn’t return the proper response. I’ve rolled back to SDK 28 each time, which immediately fixes the issue – everything else held constant. Is anyone aware of anything introduced in SDK 29 that would interfere with the session token being stored? Happy to provide more info if it would be helpful.

May be related to this topic, but not 100% sure. I tried the fixes suggested in it, and they didn’t seem to solve my issue. Only rolling back to SDK 28 solved it.


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