Issue with expo-modules-core

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  1. SDK Version: 48.0.6
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS
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I have an Expo Managed app. Because of iOS build issues, I’ve upgraded Expo SDK to 48.0.6. Started running into an issue with dependencies that has me stumped. I use npx expo-doctor to check dependency issues and general status. After my upgrade to 48, received the following error: “The package ‘expo-modules-core’ should not be installed directly in your project. It is a dependency of other Expo packages and should be installed automatically.”

In response, I uninstalled it with npm uninstall expo-modules-core, deleted package-lock.json, deleted node-modules and reran npm install. No explicit errors from command line. Decided to try it in Android using the Android Studio Emulator. I get an error that expo-constants cannot find the expo-modules-core package. So, I uninstall expo-constants, delete package-lock, delete node-modules, and reinstall expo-constants. Same error.

Bottom line: what is the best way to get a package to automatically install its dependencies with SDK 48?

I have one update. Decided to install with npx expo install. After I verify package is in node-modules, I remove it’s reference from package.json. By doing that, I pass the expo-doctor check and iOS build has zero issues.

Forgot to mention in my original post that I was getting a Fastlane error before trying this fix (maybe more of a hack because I’ll have to remember to do this each time I remove node-modules).

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