Issue: Detox + Expo : timeout on opening the app

Is anyone else struggling to get Expo and Detox to work ( it seems to have been broken since detox@12.3.0)?

The output of detox test shows

detox[94950] WARN:  [Client.js/PENDING_REQUESTS] App has not responded to the network requests below:
  (id = -1000) isReady: {}

That might be the reason why the test "Example should load the app with the url" has timed out.

It seems like expo is using some RN configuration or load type that we are not familiar with. Does anyone have any idea why GitHub - expo/detox-expo-helpers is no longer able to launch the expo into a ‘ready’ state?

Here is a minimal example of trying to get expo + detox to initialize GitHub - brookemitchell/expotest: Test repo demonstrating expo + detox + jest integration

Relevant detox issue, Detox + Expo + jest : timeout on opening the app · Issue #1422 · wix/Detox · GitHub


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