Issue building for iOS

I rebuilt an app that was previously created using PhoneGap with Expo and I’m trying to build for iOS and I keep getting an error when I try to validate the P12 file. I used the same certificate for the Android build which I was able to do successfully and submit to the Play Store.

[exp] Error validating credentials. You may need to clear them (with-c) and try again.
[exp] Unable to validate credentials. Request ID 20a18e10-dc5c-11e7-a860-29b7b52a7738, message: Internal error occurred. Please try again in a few minutes or contact support.

I’ve tried many times, hours apart, with exp build:ios -c. I was able to build the app for iOS letting Expo manage the certificate, but that won’t work as I need to get the app on the app store as an update to the old app, not as a new one. Could someone walk me through potential issues to work through to resolve this?

I made an issue as well as posted in the Slack. Totally understand everyone on the Expo team is busy and really appreciate the great tools you’ve made. Just wanted to post here as well to increase the chance of someone helping flesh out this error message as the deadline for the update to launch is Friday and it’s already in the Play Store. Thanks so much!

Hi, it seems that the provisioning profile is incorrect, related to a change of how provisioning profiles are accepted since XCode 9.

Can you double check if your app’s provisioning profile is related to your app ( ? that it is using the right cert.

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Thanks! It turned out the developer who built the previous version of the app had used a different bundle identifier for the iOS and Android versions of the app which I was unaware of. Once I used the correct bundle identifier I was able to get everything working.

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nice! congrats on Friday shipping

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