Is this possible to create apk not using internet first load

Hello everyone,
Is it possible for an expo project or detached to create a true standalone app. I mean, when I will start my application for the first time, I don’t need to get somes dependencies by internet.
Is this possible? if yes, can you tell me how?
Thank you

Hi @toavina – currently standalone and detached apps do store the JavaScript within the app for availability on first offline use. However, the assets used by your app will not be available for first offline use. We are working on supporting this feature for assets and will update you when it’s ready. Here’s a related feature request on Canny:

Ah thank you @nikki . In that case, if I have a detached project, how I can create an apk? I try with this method but I always have an error “Unfortunately app has stopped”.

Try this one: ?

thank you very much @thetc, it works fine :laughing::laughing::laughing: