Is there any way to read messages from device?

Hello expo teams! It’s been awesome working with expo + react native app for 3 months. It’s super cool and faster way to build cross platforms app. I’m trying to find any API that allow me to access Messages on Android Device (can be both) and display that information to the App. I’ve found only Contact API on Expo docs. Thanks!

Hey, @yimankaing! Glad you have been having a great experience building with Expo thus far! Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a means to access a user’s device messages within the Expo SDK. I would encourage you to open up a Feature Request on our Canny page ( so that we can keep track of what Expo developers want us to add in the SDK and others can voice their support for the same features. With that said, if you need to continue with production quickly, it looks like there is a library that allows you to access Android messages but you would have to detach your Expo project and begin developing with ExpoKit ( so you can make the native code configurations that are necessary to use that library!



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