Is there any public information about EAS / turtle-v2?

Hello Expo team! I peek at the patch notes whenever the CLI prompts me to upgrade and for the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of references to “EAS” builds (example). I haven’t found anything defining “EAS” but I’m guessing it’s a revamp of the Expo Build infrastructure and tooling. Additionally, I’ve seen some of these commits reference a turtle-v2 repo which doesn’t seem to be public (example).

I’m just being nosy, but the reason I’m asking is that my team needs to manage the native builds on our own. I previously built out a Circle CI build process leveraging turtle before, but we’re moving to GitHub actions for our Expo builds. If the new turtle / build infrastructure on the horizon is different enough from the existing tools, I’d rather wait it out and just build for GitHub actions once. Any information that y’all would be willing to share would be much appreciated : )

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Good eye! Sometimes it pays to poke around in PRs and commits :smiley:
just sent you a PM

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