Is there a way to publish updates to an old build (SDK 41) after project ownership transfer to another account?

Recently I have transferred an expo project ownership to another account.
Now, I wanted to publish updates (expo publish) my latest build (SDK 45) and an old build (SDK 41).
but when I try to publish updates to build (SDK 41) I am getting the following error:

New publishes for this project must be SDK 43.0.0 or greater since this project has previously been renamed
or transferred.

I am stuck because I am unable to publish updates to an old build.

Is there any way, may be transfer back to old account or any other possibility so that I can publish updates to the build (SDK 41). Thanks

Hey @sardarwaseemjaved, publishing updates to SDK 41 is not supported after transferring the ownership of the account. The least SDK we support is SDK 43 now for publishing app updates. You may want to try to upgrade the project to the latest SDK and rebuild it for OTA updates to continue to work on that project.

The problem is that we have some devices with an old build, which is preinstalled in some of our tablets. We need to publish some updates to these apps so users can at-least update to latest build.
So, Is there any workaround or manual way to update older build or should I just forget about it?

Manually updating the older build should work, and I can’t think of any other workaround.