Is there a way to enable iPhone mode on an iPad with expo?

I need to force the iPad simulator to view the iPhone app in compatibility mode. Is there some type of setting to force this? This is to debug a css issue when viewing our iPhone app on an iPad.

Hi! Based on our documentation, I believe you can set the ios.supportsTablet key to false in app.json to test this out in the client.

cc @ben

Hey @dikaiosune

So that doesn’t seem to work for the iPad simulator. I get a normal app. The only way to simulate an iPhone app on an iPad for me right now is using TestFlight but it’s a really hard testing cycle.

Hm, yeah, I can see how that would be rough. Because this is configured at the native level I was wrong about suggesting to use the client app. You might try making a simulator build on a separate release channel (ipad-testing, for example) that’s configured for the iPad, and publishing your changes to that release channel. It won’t be the fastest workflow, but should be orders of magnitude faster cycle time than TestFlight.

Hey, so I tried that, but I don’t get the same compatibility mode experience that I get with TestFlight

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