Is there a way to detect static soft navigation bar in android devices ?

I need to adjust my UI to adapt to devices where soft navigation bar exists at the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to detect it or a numerical value for its height so I can add a margin or something ?

Hey @ahmedsamyabdelhay,

This isn’t possible with a managed Expo project. There are third party libraries that handle this but they require native code changes.


Could you be a bit more specific for what you are looking for? Are you referring to soft buttons that would normally be at the bottom of an android phone where as an iOS device doesn’t have said soft buttons? In my experience, I haven’t seen any devices where the view goes below or behind the soft buttons. Do you have specific models you are talking about?

@breadboxio I have a view that is set to be absolute with some information displayed on … That view is pushed down with the property “top” 50% of the screen height … This works fine with the Android devices where there is no bottom soft navigation bar (back, home and tabs). While in other models such as Redmi 6A where the soft bar exists, some of the info displayed on the view are hidden behind the bar. Is there a way to avoid this ?

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