Is there a way to cancel queued build ?

Hi. my android build is stuck as ‘queued’ for the first time for an unusually long time. Usually, i wait for 10-15mn max to get a build to complete and did never got queued. It is half an hour in the queue for my last build for the first time.

Is there a way to cancel a queued build ? Or can you cancel it for me ?


Hello. Please cancel 687ca4f7-405e-43de-a3ee-3f5bab5ef0c8

Thanks for your reply.
Sorry but where and how can i do that cancellation ?

I mean, there is no build with that id “687ca4f7-405e-43de-a3ee-3f5bab5ef0c8” among my builds

I believe they were talking about their own build. Expo a few weeks ago had an issue with builds queueing up and not completing properly, looks like with 27.0.1 (latest from yesterday/this morning) we are back into that state.

Check here:

Thank you so much.
My build seems completed.

It would be best to have the ‘cancel’ button (enabled) for queued builds so that we do not bother you here each time :slight_smile:


stuck again in queue :frowning:
hope this is not stucked again

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