Is there a way ro run app on LAN using custom scheme?

Hello there!

Using the default scheme “exp” serves the app on exp://[my-local-ip] and everything works as expected.

Changing the scheme in app.json to something like “my-app-name” (which is what I need) will serve the app on “my-app-name://[my-local-ip]”, but now the app does not open when scanning the QR code.
Serving the app using tunnel works but it’s not an option due to the very slow debugging.

The solution I came up with is to use two different app.json files: one with the “exp” scheme for development purposes, and another one using my custom scheme, for deploying the app.

I don’t really like having two different json files because of such a minor difference. Is there a way to keep a single json file with my custom scheme, and still run the app using LAN?

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