Is there a thorough, step-by-step guide to how to eject an Expo app?

It sounds like a very trivial question but I have been stuck for the whole day while just trying to run a blank app (created by “expo init” command) on the Expo app in my Android device.

After I run the command “expo eject”, and then “expo start” how am I able to run the app from an Android mobile, just like how I usually do it with an unejected app? (I am not able to scan the QR code in the Expo app as nothing happens).

I think our Developing with Expokit guide might be what you’re looking for!

Best to do a quick google and/or docs search for stuff like this :+1:

I am getting an error while trying to run the app on a physical device via clicking start on “Android Studio”. Do I need to run “expo publish” for this task?

Nope, just need to use expo start to run the React Native packager and serve your app’s JS bundle for development. Leave this running and continue with the rest of the steps

My scenario now is that if if I start the app from Android Studio, the app will be launched in my physical device, then crash. It will just keeps saying: “The app keeps stopping”.

This is a blank app ejected from “expo init” which in my opinion should work. Do you have an idea why? I have followed all of the steps from the guide.

And does hot reloading work for an ejected app?

Note: I tried run “expo publish” to publish the app and I can run the app by scanning the QR code if the published site. But if I try running from the QR code in localhost:19002, the app will be launched and then will immediately crash.