Is there A table component in Expo?

Hi Expo Team! I am making a mobile application in which I need a table to represent the data. I searched if there was a Table api/component but found none like that. Can you tell me a way to solve this problem please without having to create my own table component? Thank you!


Expo doesn’t generally come with that sort of component. However, the chances are that someone has written one.

I would start by googling for react native table. It seems unlikely to me that a react native table component would require native code, which means you can likely use it in Expo.

If you don’t find anything suitable, then, since React Native implements the flexible box layout system (a.k.a. flexbox) you could try searching for flexbox table. That will return web-specific results, but they should be adaptable to React Native and therefore also Expo.

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Thank you, Wodin! Cool!

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