Is there a migration guide for expo-localization?


I saw that expo-localization is at version 3.0.0 now. I’m currently using 2.0.0.

Are there any required update steps, or is it safe to upgrade to version 3.0.0 without any extra work?


Hey @redpandatronics,

There are no changes. We just a version bump to signify the first public release of Unimodules.



Thanks @adamjnav

I updated my package.json to use 3.0.0, but then I got an error when running the app (only tried on Android so far):

I tried to fix this by updating the entry in /app/build.gradle to: api 'host.exp.exponent:expo-localization:3.0.0', but then gradle won’t sync. I think the issue is that there is a 2.0.0 version also at: node_modules/expo/node_modules/expo-localization

I thought I had to have expo-localization as an explicit dependency in package.json to be able to use it. Is that correct? Or is it included by default, i.e. I can remove the dependency in package.json?


hello there! the api actually did change to import * as Localization from 'expo-localization'; - we’ll start doing changelogs in the future, i wasn’t aware that anyone was using expo packages outside of the expo client / standalone apps before we released this at the end of last week! see docs for full usage info:

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