Is there a maintained set of mutually compatible packages for use with Expo?

I know this isn’t the place to seek help debugging my project, so I’m happy being told “not here”, but since this is a helpful community I though I’d take a shot at linking to an issue I’m having running eas build for iOS after what seemed like an innocent patch update to one of my dev dependencies.

I’m new to the JavaScript, React Native, Expo ecosystem and one of the may things that puzzles me is the (apparent) absence of maintained sets of mutually compatible packages (like Anaconda or Stackage). This absence seems to result in no end of frustration. Again not an Expo question really, but perhaps this related one is:

Is there a maintained collection of packages that are mutually compatible that is maintained for use with Expo projects?

everything listed on the expo docs in the api reference page is ensured to be compatible for each sdk release: API Reference - Expo Documentation - Expo Documentation - expo install automatically gives you the correct version for these packages.

outside of that, each library generally aligns to a specific react-native version (if they specify any sort of dependency constraint) and you can use that to determine which is the appropriate version for your app. you can also use react native directory to get a sense of the approximate quality of a library. we’re currently in talks with some folks at microsoft about collaborating on making a mechanism similar to expo install that can be extended to all libraries listed on react native directory.

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