Is the pedometer limited to the last 7 days?

I am working the pedometer API. I have a for loop that grabs step data every day for a given range. I notice that no matter what my range is, the data for every day past 7 days ago will be 0 steps.

Is there any Expo API that allows me to grab historic step data, maybe from the apple healthkit data (I know there isn’t a healthkit Expo API directly)?

Are you asking beyond the usage of Expo.Pedometer.getStepCountAsync(start, end)?

Hi jimmylee, Expo.Pedometer.getStepCountAsync is exactly what I’m asking about. I guess I’m trying to understand where this data comes from. On my iOS device I’m able to navigate to Health > Steps and see several months of steps data.

However, the pedometer seems to have a different history of steps. If I iterate backwards checking day by day, I see much less data. At first I believed it was just capped at 7 days, but now I’m seeing more which makes me believe that using the Pedometer in an app creates a different storage of step count data that maybe started collecting the day I started prototyping with this API on my device.

Does this Pedometer.getStepCountAsync(start, end) API have a limit to the number of days back it will read data from? Or is it reading from a different source than the apple healthkit data on the iOS device, in which case it must just be reading whatever data exists?

Hey there - on iOS the pedometer source can be found at the following link. Not sure if that’s helpful but thought i’d surface: