Is the expo token (Push notification) change after update from PlayStore/AppStore?

Hi all,

Did anybody know is the expo token change after updating from Playstore / Appstore? (Standalone app)


Hey @ibnukipa,

The token should not change directly from updating.


It’s mean that if I’ve already stored the expo token from the old binary standalone app to my backend, I don’t need to update the expo token with the new binary standalone app?

Let’s say my binary old standalone app’s version is 1.0.0 (uploaded to Playstore) and the generated token from the old binary in device X is ExponentPushToken[eD0euDIOXynE40VtgImCtN]

If I build a new binary of standalone app with version 1.1.0 (uploaded to Playstore), is the token of device X is still ExponentPushToken[eD0euDIOXynE40VtgImCtN]?


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