Is the Expo notification Service currently working? Certainly not as documented!

SDK: 6.3.7, Android 13 and an old phone using 6!

So I have an app using the minimal working example as here:

It doesn’t work and fails as follows:
First I received Warnings and Errors:

 WARN  Calling getExpoPushTokenAsync without specifying a projectId is deprecated and will no longer be supported in SDK 49+
 WARN  Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: 0):
Error: Error encountered while fetching Expo token, expected an OK response, received: 400 (body: "{"errors":[{"code":"VALIDATION_ERROR","message":"The Expo push notification service is supported only for Expo projects. Ensure you are logged in to your Expo developer account on the computer from which you are loading your project.","isTransient":false}]}").

I thus created a project in EAS and added the project ID as suggested. This resulted in the ExponentPushToken[xxx] being generated and displayed. GOOD
I then logged in using npx expo login confirming this was the correct account with npx expo whoami
Now I am no longer receiving an ExponentPushToken and I get this error:

 WARN  Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: 0):
Error: Encountered an exception while calling native method: Exception occurred while executing exported method requestPermissionsAsync on module ExpoNotificationPermissionsModule: String resource ID #0xffffffff

Apart from adding my project ID the code is exactly as per the docs. I have only this made change

await Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync({
        projectId: "my-project-id-here",

Is there any one with better results or an expo developer that can suggest where the issues lies?
Better still can the docs be updated with a working version?
… or is the Expo notification service just broken?


`So no one has any ideas? I have spent 4 days scouring documents and I am finally wondering f I should ditch Expo. Maybe even flirt with Flutter!

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