Is setup for getting a clientId to use in Expo.Google similar to GoogleSignIn?

To set up Google authentication in my managed flow SDK 32 app in development with the Expo.Google module, which later will become a standalone app, do I need to 1) define a bundle ID and Android package, and 2) register with Firebase in order to finally get the google-services.json config file and clientID, like in the Expo blog about GoogleSignIn? 3) Will I need to switch to the GoogleSignIn module once I distribute my app to Play Store and App Store as it’s then a standalone app?

It’s been confusing to me because the blogpost example is for “bare React Native, Standalone (App Store/Play Store) or Unmanaged (ejected) Expo,” but I can’t find any other docs on what setup Expo.Google needs. I’m coming from React web, so it’s my first time wandering into everything that mobile apps need.

Related questions would be: 4) Do the bundle ID and Android package need to take any particular values, or can they be whatever I want? and 5) Do I need Firebase, or just a clientId from the Google Credentials API? (I already have a Postgres database)

I’ll appreciate any help you guys can give!

The setup for Expo.Google is much simpler, imo. The docs lay it out pretty well (just scroll down to the bottom).

You don’t need Firebase, and the bundle ID and Android package names can’t be “whatever” you want (there’s a specific format), but as long as you follow that format then you’re good to go :+1:

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