Is Realm support for Expo coming?

I’d love support for persistent storage and I like using Realm.


We are looking at adding in both Realm and SQLite to the core of Expo. SQLite will almost definitely make it in. Realm will make it in if we can get versioning and security right which may be difficult because of the way its architected.

We hope to have these, or at least SQLite, in the next month or two.

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Are u planning to support only Realm Database or Realm Mobile Platform too?

mostly we think people just want the database but do you like the mobile platform? What’s in it?

Offline-sync. I’ve already done a sync in an Android native app using a Realm mobile (not the platform), but with realm mobile platform is much easier.

I see. Got it. Thanks for the info.

Just an update in this thread since it got bumped: we added SQLite in a recent SDK.


Is there any idea when Realm support would be released? Is there anything I can do to help?

We don’t have a schedule for Realm yet but it is still something we’re thinking about.

If your project absolutely requires Realm in the short term, for now your best bet is to detach to an ExpoKit project.

how does one detach to an Expokit project?

Does this mean that Expo only supports sqlite and firebase?

SQLite, AsyncStorage and SecureStore are all options on non-detached Expo projects. I’d recommend taking a look at the docs for ExpoKit if you want to understand how detaching works.

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Any news on this? I would love to use Realm with Expo :slight_smile:

We are mostly focusing on the SQLite stuff right now since it’s fully open source. But add your vote / comment to the feature request here if you like.

(I was really exited about Realm, but I got a quote for 500 users from a Realm salesperson and it turns out it’s prohibitively expensive, so for me, this question is now moot.)

base price for a self-hosted Realm Object Server is $2300 annually for 500 users.

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thanks for the info about realm.

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