Is react-native-reanimated support Web display

After following the steps by expo lecture – StickerSmash , I can’t add sticker on image and get the error

Compiled with problems:

_frameTimestamp is not defined
ReferenceError: _frameTimestamp is not defined
at _f (http://localhost:19006/static/js/bundle.js:26912:9)
at Mapper._f [as mapper] (http://localhost:19006/static/js/bundle.js:27190:11)

Totally have no idea to do next

chatGPT said that I have to use other plugin, like react-native-web to accomplish the animate effect.

StickerSmash should work on web. There’s some steps relevant to Reanimated compatibility on this page, you’ll want to double-check those. When you run npx expo start and choose to start it on web, it should prompt you to add react-native-web if it’s not already installed.

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Thank you for your help

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