Is latest Expo client broken?

After installing Expo Client using expo ios on a clean iOS simulator I encounter an error: “There was a problem running Expo.” I am unable to even see the profile/project tab. I can run my app without a problem on a real device with older Expo Client version.

  • Killing the app and reopening does not help.
  • “Try again” does nothing.
  • Console/debugger does not show any signs of my app loading.
  • Shake gesture does nothing.
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I’ve had this issue too over the past few days. A few times on my production builds and once during an Apple Review. It seems to fix it’s self but it’s not great!

I believe it may be partially down to a poor internet connection since the builds that experienced it were uploaded over a very poor connection. That won’t explain your local issues though.

I think the simulator data had to be corrupted. I have removed the simulator, created a new one and it works :slight_smile: