Is it safe to clone one app's directory to create a second app?


I have an app I’ve built for android and ios. I have another app that I’d like to create that’s somewhat similar, so I was thinking I’d just clone app 1’s directory for app 2, adjust app.json with a new slug and package name, and of course modify the app’s source code as necessary.

So my question is whether the build process stores anything in app 1’s directory that would be a mistake to leave in app 2’s directory? And when I go to build:ios will everything work right, or will credentials setup for app 1 be re-used for app 2?


Hey @rickparrish,

As long as you change your slug, bundleIdentifier and package values, you should have no problems creating the second app.

Let me know if that isn’t the case and you run into any issues.



Thanks, I’ll probably try this weekend and see what happens!

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Sounds good, let me know if you encounter any issues!

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