Is it possible to use expo updates from `expo eject`'d apps?

I have my expo project up and running on SDK 40. I want to eject now but heavily rely on OTA updates provided by expo publish. So the question, will OTA updates will work after ejecting?

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Hey @rishav394, yes this is possible. The updates module is built to be able to be used in both the managed and the bare workflows. There’s some nuance to using it with the bare workflow though.

I recommend thoroughly reading our documentation:


Hey thanks for the answer and the document links. That really helps. Using expo for over 2 years and I never knew there was a whole another sectional guide for the bare workflow. Thanks again.

Also a feedback → The whole reason I am ejecting or want to rebuild from react-native init is because I want to save files under user’s internal storage folders (not in the app cache or app files) and the binary size (even after enabling experimental builds on android).