Is it possible to transfer a project to another user?

I would like to transfer all my projects to a different user, is this possible?

Hi @tofoli there’s no way to transfer individual projects right now. I’d recommend transferring your entire account and letting them change the password.

Hi @jesse in this case is it possible for me to change my Username?

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Hi @tofoli, we don’t support account transfers at the moment or changing your username. If you want to:

  • Create a new account
  • Publish your projects while logged into your new account

You are totally free to! :slight_smile: In addition we can delete your old account for you.

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi @jimmylee, I had thought of doing this, but so I believe that the projects will lose the functionality isRemoteJSEnabled, to get around this problem I will need to update the App in Google Play and App Store.

If it were a few projects it would have no problem, but my username has 33 projects.

Can not the Expo team change my username manually?

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@tofoli due to the way our entire system is built, we just don’t support username changes. For trivial account management features, an username is easy to change, but in production binaries for published projects the username is hardcoded. To prevent any potential for disaster, we’ve disabled username changes.

The official stance of the Expo team: At the moment we do not support username changes for Expo users, we will support account deletion and provide guidance for how to republish projects under a different account.

You can backup the credentials/certs for Google Play and App Store and when you move your projects to another account and expo login with another account you can use those same certs.

You can download a backup copy of the keystore by running: exp fetch:android:keystore.

Unfortunately that is the best we can do for you. I’m sorry this is really inconvenient and I wish this wasn’t the case. Please let me know if I can still be of help.

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Thanks for the help @jimmylee, that’s all.

Hey @jesse! I have two completely separate client projects in my expo account. They are both live in both the app store and google play.

One of those clients, I had a completely separate dev shop take over. I need to transfer that over to them - but I need to maintain control of my other project.

The client that I need to maintain is not comfortable whatsoever with me sharing our credentials with the other dev shop.

How can I do that? Am I completely screwed here?


I don’t believe the situation has changed wrt. being able to rename accounts or transfer projects, so it seems the best way forward is to create a new account and then rebuild the app as that user as @jimmylee said here:

I don’t think you can use the same credentials/certificates for Google Play or the App Store.

Here are some docs on transferring the app in Google Play and the App Store that might be useful:

Hey! Lot of time without updates on this post.

Is the documentation for how to republish projects under a different account already available?