Is it possible to run "expo webhooks:add" in an idempotent way?

I notice that when running expo webhooks:add, even if all the parameters are the exact same a new webhook will be added.

I understand that the intent is that I should set a webhook once in my project and be done with it, however, I’m wondering if there is a way to run the command and tell it not to add the webhook if one exists with all the same parameters. The goal here is that I could run the command as part of my CI to guarantee that once my build is finished, I receive the webhook. It prevents dumb mistakes like a dev in the team mistakenly removing the webhook for some reason and forgetting to set it again.

To clarify, I feel like running expo webhooks:add --non-interactive --url --secret so-secret --event build twice should not add two webhooks since every parameter is the exact same.

Any chance this is possible?

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