Is it possible to have iOS multi-target without local credentials.json ?

I am using Managed workflow. I have two apps on App Store (Dev and Prod one), with two different bundle identifiers / app ids. Despite of being able to configure everything for development and production through EAS, I am not able to actually create two different provisioning profiles, one for each app / bundle Identifier, it is always using the same one and therefore I can’t submit production app separately.

I saw that using local credentials.json allows me to have different provisioning profiles, but is it possible without local credentials?

hi there! to use a different set of credentials, swap out the “slug” in your app config

@notbrent gotcha, then two different projects on Expo dashboard right. Does EAS works well with two different project IDs? Could you show me an example of eas.json / app.config.js for that?

I’ve tried to include extra.eas.projectId with two different ids (IS_PROD ? “id1” : “id2”) and it is not working, not sure if it is the right way to do it.

So I was able to get this working. The problem was I got into a custom managed workflow / bare workflow after running expo run:ios, then some stuff on app.config.js was being ignored, like iOS bundleIdentifier.

After getting back to a pure managed workflow (no ios/ android/ folders, no index.js etc), everything worked properly with two slugs and project ids.

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