Is it possible to have both the production app and a Development Client installed on the same device?

I built a dev client using eas build:ios and tried installing it. However, iOS prompted me saying the app was already installed. It was, but only the production version used by our users.

I had to delete the production version in order for the ad-hoc provisioned version to install on my device.

Is there any way to have both?

Solved it myself: I ran eas build with a modified app.json where I appended the word dev in order to create a separate app:

"name": "App (Dev)"
"slug": "appdev"
"ios": {
    "bundleIdentifier": ""

This created a new app with everything else the same (only the name and ID are different, so iOS doesnt overwrite the production version). I just need to keep track of which one Iā€™m publishing to (and it probably makes sense to switch to app.config.js instead of app.json)

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Hi @pastel

I think you should be able to do something similar using an environment variable and app.config.js

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