Is it possible to get things like the app store URL and iTunes id before releasing an app for the first time?

SDK Version: 48
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): IOS

Hey folks!

I’m finally close to launching my app after working on it for close to a year, many thanks to the devs at Expo who made the process a ton easier than working with plain RN!

Anyway, I’m a little confused about one thing… In app.json there are fields like ios.appStoreUrl where you’re supposed to enter your iTunes URL. And for using the Expo in-store review lib:

you need to supply the iTunes id. My question is, is it possible to get this info before launching your app for the first time? I just want all this to be ready and in place before my first download…


You must create the app in the Store Connect before uploading it the first time. When you create the app, it is asigned an id. I think thats the iTunes id that you must provide.

If I’m not mistaken, the iTunes URL is formed in with the format:{COUNTRY_CODE}/app/{APP_NAME}/id{ID}
COUNTRY_CODE: the iso country code (us, es)
APP_NAME: The name of the app, replacing the spaces with dashes. Example: if the app name is “My New App”, in the url will appeard as “my-new-app”
ID: The id present in the app information section of the itunes (it also shows the pack Id, Sku, etc).

If the id is 1234567890, the final url should be:


hey @ psanchezundanet,

I suspected this but wasn’t sure, thanks for confirming!

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