Is it possible for badge notification to display when I don't use setBadgeCountAsync() at all ?

  1. SDK Version: 43
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):Android

I have used expo-notification to support push notification functionality in my application. It works fine but there’s a strange behavior. After I installed the app and (accidentally) enabled badge notification for it, the badge count indicating the number of unread message appeared on app icon whenever I send a notification. How is this possible? I didn’t use setBadgeCountAsync() anywhere in my code. Thanks

Hey @spellscripter, the badge will be updated if your notification payload you deliver has the badge field. See Sending Notifications with Expo's Push API - Expo Documentation

The setBadgeCountAsync method is available for more-nuanced manipulation of the badge count value within your application.


I think there’s something not very clear in the documentation @adamjnav
If I understand you well (and after some weeks struggling on this badge issue), on iOS : we must handle the number appearing on the badge count manually on the server side and on the client side.

It’s not written anywhere and I see a lot of people lost on this subject.

Here’s how we handle it (I don’t know if it’s the good way or not) :

  • When sending a notification from your server using Expo Push API, you must set a badge key. The value of this key will be the number of unreadNotifications in total for one user (you can compute it as you want to).
  • On your client, you must define a behavior that is going to decrease this number using both expo-notifications methods : setBadgeCountAsync & getBadgeCountAsync.

For example, in our app, we decrease this number when a user clicks on a notification :

export const markAsReadAndUpdateBadgeCount = async (notificationIds: number[]): Promise<void> => {
	await markNotificationsAsRead(notificationIds);
	const currentUnreadNotificationsCount = await Notifications.getBadgeCountAsync();
	await Notifications.setBadgeCountAsync(currentUnreadNotificationsCount - notificationIds.length);
useEffect(() => {
  responseListener.current = Notifications.addNotificationResponseReceivedListener(
		notification: {
			request: {
				content: { data },
	}) => await markAsReadAndUpdateBadgeCount([data?.notificationId]);
}, [])

Hope it helps (and I’m not wrong).

Have a nice day,

@yonitou Does this work on android too? I used a slightly different approach but the app badge doesn’t get removed when Notifications.setBadgeCountAsync(0).It goes back to maximum number of the unread notification(e.g There are 4 unread messages at that time.The badge count decreases when I make them as read except for the very last one.Instead of clearing the badge out of the app icon, the badge count goes back to 4 again.) Any idea? thanks.

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Hello Adam, is it possible to achieve Android’s behavior on iOS without backend sending badge count?

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